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Do you ever…

1. Get nervous when you leave the house for a few days?

2. Get worried when you hear about local break-ins?

3. Wonder how you would react in the event of fire?

4. Worry about the risk of carbon monoxide?

5. Fear for elderly parents coping in the house on their own?

6. Get nervous about staying in the house on your own?


If you do, it’s probably a sign, you need to consider how secure your home is against these risks.


The sad reality is, the vast majority of homes in Ireland are under protected against the risks of burglary, fire and carbon monoxide.

Most people just don’t expect these nasty events to happen to them.

And here’s the truth…it probably wont happen…but it might.

If I was fixing your car and noticed an issue with your brakes and said…”your brakes are probably ok, but they might fail sometime…what do you wanna do?”

I already know the answer…

Same thing should apply to home security because, the consequences of a fault are equally devastating.

Ensuring your home is adequately protected against intrusion, fire and carbon monoxide risk is one of the most important decisions you can make.

And the most effective form of protection is to install a monitored home security system.


Why a “Monitored Home Security System”?

An alarm is only effective if there’s an effective response. With 24 hour monitoring, keyholders and all relevant emergency services (Gardai, Fire, Medical) are notified if an alarm is activated for legitimate reasons.

This backup ensures responsibility to react is not left to one person and ultimately makes for a much more swift and comprehensive security procedure.


Why should you use National Monitoring?


3 Simple Reasons…


1. You can rely on getting the most dedicated focused service in the industry, which addresses your particular needs and concerns.

Why? Because with us, you are not just a number sitting in a call queue. As a small family run business we value every single client and obsess over customer service.

2. You can be assured of the highest quality, most advanced products in the market. I have been doing this for 18 years and know all there is about home security. I only use EU approved equipment and it’s fitted by my team of qualified engineers who are licensed and certified.

3. You can be confident you are getting the best value in the marketplace. From one family to another, we understand how important it is to get the best bang for your buck. That’s why we offer very competitive prices with monthly monitoring costing just €15 per month.


My name is Marc Mullen, owner of National Monitoring.

We are based in Co. Monaghan but have local highly experienced engineers servicing the whole of Ireland. We have 24/7 emergency call –out service available should the need arise. We at National Monitoring are licensed by the P.S.A & are certified by the N.S.A.I. to the EN 50131-1 Standards.

I am grateful to have over 1000 happy loyal customers, the vast majority of whom, have stayed with me for years and helped grow my business solely by word of mouth. Their positive feedback makes me determined to keep delivering value product and service.